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As a freight forwarder, we are responsible for all tasks related to logistics and freight transport for our clients in Mexico. The service they offer is usually complex due to the amount of time they spend waiting for the countless calls and the procedures that must be carried out, considering all current regulations and trying to maintain the costs agreed with the client. Of course, everything will depend on the type of service that is contracted from the beginning. Likewise, Freight Forwarders tend to provide a wide range of benefits, such as the storage of merchandise, customs clearance, quality control of merchandise, among others that we will explain below. These services or responsibilities are specified in detail in the contract between the agent and the client.

Our experience

Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, we have continued to advance, incorporating new services, partners and suppliers, in order to continue with our philosophy of serving our clients with a quality operation and great customer service.

  • US and Mexican Customs Brokerage Services

  • Mexican Transport Logistics

  • Distribution and Shipment Consolidation

  • Hazmat

Notable Clients

We’ve had the pleasure of doing business with a number of clients between the U.S. and Mexico border. These are our most notable clients: